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 Role-Playing Rules

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Kyuubi's Demon
Kyuubi's Demon

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PostSubject: Role-Playing Rules   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:43 am

First off you have to put it in sentences not like this.

I walk over to the counter and eat some food
-takes a bite-

Nobody can read some crap like that. Not even me. This is a more organized way of role-playing and not confusing anyone.

Aiko walks over to the counter. Today's special was ice-cream. Aiko then licked his lips as he said ''I'll take two ice cream please.'' ''That will be 20 ryo sir.'' The guy at the counter said.

Also most role-players want other role-players to be descriptive. Like write the background or how the character is feeling inside or what they are thinking about.

The breeze brought Konoha's leaves everywhere. Aiko still in bed awoke when a loud noise was made just outside his house. He woke up in shock thinking that his house was going to fall down. He quickly put his pajamas on as he ran down the stairs. When he reached outside he noticed that a parade was outside. Some girls blushed as some guys laughed out loud. Aiko blushed in embarrassment as he ran upstairs to see what clothes should he wear. He went inside his closet and saw 2 skinny jeans. 1 red and 1 blue. He thought ''Hmmm the red ones are really tight and since today is windy I'll choose the blue ones. When he wore his skinny jeans he looked at his T-shirts as he said out loud ''This green one matches perfect with me. I'll wear it.'' Aiko wore the green T-shirt as he smiled when he saw himself in the mirror.

And last please make your post at least 4 sentences or 1 paragraph.

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Role-Playing Rules
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