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 Katina Lynn Senju!

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Katie Senju


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PostSubject: Katina Lynn Senju!   Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:02 pm

~Character Creation Template~

~Personal Information~

Sexual Orientation:Straight.

Village :


Kate has long, blonde hair, with blue eyes. She stands at 5'2, weighting 100 pounds. She has a body of a dancer, with a some what large bust, and long legs, she mostly wears dresses, normal, or child like, she loves the way they feel
on her tiny body, and the loseness. Kate, does at times, wear pants, and
shirts, but this is only to sparr with, she will wear a lose shirt, that is tight
where her wrists, waist, and neck are. Her pants are black, again, only tight
at her waist, and ankels.

She sometimes, is found with pocky, or some type of candy in
her mouth, when she does this, she normally wears a TIGHT dress,
very short, showing alot of legs, this only happens when she is working.

~Clan Information~

Clan Name:
Clan Symbol: Not sure. . .
Kekkei Genkai: Not sure. . .
Clan History: Not Sure. . .
Clan Jutsu: Not sure. . .
Clan Specialty: Not sure. . .

~Skills Information~



: 100


Speed: 100

Strength: 100

Intelligence: 100

Ninjutsus |
-Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone
-Kawarimi no Jutsu - Substitution
-Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Jutsu
Taijutsu |
Genjutsu |


Personality | Katie is like a baby, she is mean, and very jelouse. She gets mad really fast, and will do anything to make HERSELF happy, not caring if it hurts anyone else, she only matters. She loves playing games, and will mostly throw fits if told no. She will cry, and scream, and pout. She hates the word no. And will slap, kick, and punch if told it, she is very touchy when it comes to other peoples things when she acts like this. She dislikes the idea of not having friends, or a "toy" to play with. She thinks the world resouls around her, and only her. But, she does have a soft side to people, mostly her friends and family, shes very loving, and kind, she is VERY caring, and would almost do anything to help them. This is a side that isn't shown very much, unless she is in her own home, with her friends or family. Although, when one of her friends are being picked on, or a family memeber, she will stand up for them, and fight for their feelings.
She hates people who are mean to her, or friends/family. That's one of the worst things she finds in another person, other then wanna' be's, these kinds of people make her want to scream, people who play dumb because their "Blonde", is one of the biggest things she hates.
Katie seen her parents die, bleeding to death after their home was broken into, this is a reason why she hates dying, and blood. She had been sad for many years after they had died, thats a reason on why she hates sadness, and crying.
Likes; Pocky, Candy, Family, Friends, having fun, Hana[Her kitty.], Flowers.
Dislikes; Meaners, wanna be's, blonde wanna be's, people who hurt her family, death, crying.
Secrets; 1)She is still a virgin, but everyone thinks she isn't. 2)She cuts herself.
Fears; Dying, hurting someone she really loves, killing something.
Strengths; Feeling love, having friends, the smell of candy.
Weaknesses; Seeing someone cry, hurting someone, seeing blood.


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Kyuubi's Demon

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PostSubject: Re: Katina Lynn Senju!   Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:16 pm

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Katina Lynn Senju!
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